The eMon Energy Single Phase bundle has everything to start monitoring your Electricity consumption. A Base Unit with a power supply, a Voltage adaptor and three 50A CT sensors. Clamp one CT sensor around the PLN cable coming into your Circuit box and two CT around the most important circuits.

  1. Add up to 11 additional CTs to monitor individual circuits.
  2. Stores high resolution usage data for more than 10 years.
  3. All connections plug and jack.
  4. All components are to UL standards, FCC and CE.
  5. Less than half the cost of well funded highly advertised imported alternatives.
  6. Base unit size 125mm x 84mm x 25mm.
  7. Made in Bali, Indonesia.

A prime component of electrical power is voltage. The AC line frequency is the heartbeat of the eMon Energy. A reliable and accurate AC voltage reference is very important. You should have installed the device with a 9 Volt AC voltage reference transformer (VT) plugged into the channel zero power jack. If your initial configuration has this channel pre-configured, your LED will be glowing green because it’s rhythmically sampling that voltage.