Beautiful Dashboards

At its heart eMon Energy is a data collection device. While the device has a build-in webserver with detailed current use and analytical graphics, the system really shines when data is uploaded to one of many processing, logging and visualizing services, such as InfluxDB & Grafana, EmonCMS, PVoutput or our own Monitor Service.

We provide a monthly monitor subscription service where you can create beautiful dashboards & alerts to start you quickly. The subscription is a 60 day trail followed by a Rp 150k monthly change, unless you cancel the subscription.

Google, Amzazon, IBM, Huawei and other cloud providers offer 12 month free trials for many of their services. While you will need to have some understanding of Linux, there are many guides on how to install for example InfluxDB/Grafana on Google or Amazon. A Blog post will give you some ideas.

eMon Energy Internal Web App

eMon Energy has an integrated Web App for device configuration, data display and comprehensive graphical visualizing. The device can be used with or without a local WiFi Network. Without one it will automaticly become an WiFi Access Point.


eMon Monitoring Service

Start monitoring your electricty use within minutes with our own preconfigured server featuring InfluxDB & Grafana. 60 day trial. Try the Demo. Username Password demo . You can see some Dashboard examples that you can reconfigure or copy.

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emoncms is a powerful open-source web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data. You can install Open Source emoncms on your own network server or use their subscription Cloud platform.


InfluxDB & Grafana

InfluxDB is a comprehensive Open Source platform to collect, store, analyse and visualise time series data. Grafana is often used to build beautiful Dashboards to Visualize the data InfluxDB collects. You can install both Open Source InfluxDB and Grafana on your own network server or use one of the subscription InfluxDB Cloud platforms.
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Mango Automation

Mango is a powerful end-to-end solution for you to rapidly build and deploy easy-to-use, scalable SCADA, HMI, BAS or IIoT systems. This is what our monther company, PT Indofungi, uses for their Monitoring & Control System. Either install a limited edition Mango on your own network server or use their subscription cloud hosting service.


eMon Energy API

eMon features a powerful API which delivers eMon data to HTTP requests, so it can be integrated into most modern Database and Monitoring systems.

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Your own local Dashboard Monitor System

emoncms, InfluxDB/Grafana are Open Sourced and Mango Automation has a very good free limited version. This software can easily be installed on mini computers such as Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC or an old PC.