Software vs. Hardware

The eMon Energy firmware is factory installed and can be automatically and securely updated over WiFi. This section of the documentation deals with the physical installation of the commercial eMon Energy unit with factory installed firmware.


eMon Energy has 15 input channels. One is reserved for monitoring voltage, and the remaining 14 can be used to monitor power or voltage. The minimum requirements for operation are:

  • eMon Energy

  • USB power supply

  • AC voltage reference transformer

  • Current Transformer (one or more)

Voltage and Frequency

eMon Energy can work with all common line voltages at 50Hz or 60Hz. A good 9V AC transformer is critical to the correct measurement of Voltage and Watts. 9V AC transformers are very hard to find, especially in Indonesia. The one we supply with the 220V bundle is certified to work well. You may of source one yourself from somewhere else, but keep in mind that they need to have a very low Phase Shift degree. Heavy 500gr AC transformers usually work best.


Setup is simple:

  1. Connect the USB power supply to the 5V DC USB

  2. Connect the AC transformer to the 9V AC REF

  3. Plug the power supply and AC transformer into a wall socket

That's it.

Next step: connecting to WiFi