eMon energy supports a wide variety of readily available CTs from 50A to 1,000A. Many can be configured simply by selecting the model from a preconfigured list. CTs are connected with 3.5mm stereo jacks (headphone jacks). You can source CTs yourself or purchase the extremely accurate 50, 100 and 200 Amp CTs with 1.5M cables at our store.

eMn Energy configuration menu has pre-calibrated settings for the following CTs

  1. CR3110-3000
  2. SCT013-030 made by YHDC
  3. SCT013-050 made by YHDC
  4. SCT006-000 made by YHDC
  5. SCT013-000 made by YHDC
  6. SCT019-000 made by YHDC
  7. SCT023R made by YHDC
  8. SCT027H made by YHDC
  9. ECS25200-C2 made by echun
  10. ECS24200 made by echun
  11. ECS24300 made by echun
  12. ECS24400 made by echun
  13. ECS36400 made by echun
  14. ECSL55800 made by echun
  15. ECS16100 made by echun
  16. ECOL09 made by echun
  17. ECS1050 made by echun
  18. WC-1 made by Wattcore
  19. HWCT-004 made by unknown
  20. DL-CT08CL2 made by unknown
  21. ZDKCT10M made by unknown
  22. PZCT-02 made by unknown
  23. SCT0750-000 made by Magnalab
  24. Generic CTs can be configured

Power channels measure the current flow through a circuit and combine that with the reference voltage to determine power, expressed in watts, and to accumulate energy used, expressed in watt-hours. Current through a circuit is measured indirectly by installing a passive sensor, called a current transformer (CT), around one of the conductors in the circuit. CTs come in a various capacities, physical connection type, and electrical output.