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Research has shown that by simply monitoring the electricity use of your house, you will likely change the behavior of your family and staff and cut your PLN bill by 20% on average. We just don’t realize that the ACs are left on all the time or that the pool pumps are on much longer than needed. You will find things that consume much more electricity than you thought. A lot of waste can be reduced. \nBusiness electricity use is generally notoriously poorly managed. Staff does not care or does not realize that machines are unnecessarily left on. ACs and pumps running all day. eMon Energy can help you identify opportunities to cut down your business PLN bill.
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We offer a starter pack Emon Energy Monitor that comes with a base unit, one AC/AC adaptor and three CTs to measure the Voltage and the current of three ECBs. Up 11 more CT can be added to the base unit for Single Phase (most houses) or 2 more AC/AC adaptors and 9 CTs for Three Phase. They are sold seperately.
Yes, eMon Energy can be used without an internet connection. The device has a powerful build-in Web Application with a continiously updated status of your Energy use and Integrated Grafical Analytic Tools. If there is no WiFi network at your location the eMon Energy acts like an WiFi Access Point you ac directly connect to with a computer or phone. Another possibility is to locally install a Mango Automation, emoncms or InfluxDB server.
No, eMon Energy stores all data internally and will upload past data to the monitoring servers as soon as the Internet is up again.
Users have two options. 1. Use only one AC/AC adaptor that will meaure voltage on Phase 1 and calculate the voltage on Phase 2 and 3. or 2. Buy a Three Phase version. This will be more accurate, especially in Indonesia as option 1 does not take in account the voltage difference of each phase. Phase voltage can be up to 20% different from each other.
Test show 1% accuracy compared with PLN readings. Hoever the device is not a certified revenue grade meter.
eMon Energy monitoring devices are manufactured, assembled and shipped from Bali, Indonesia. Software development is done from the "Silicon Valley in Indonesia", Berawa, Bali.
eMon products come with a limited six months warranty. Full details can be found in the warranty section of the product guide.
Installation is simple and non-invasive. CTs can typically be installed in minutes. However, the fact that you will be installing inside an electrical panel where there may be live wires it is always recommended that installation be performed by a qualified electrician.
Yes, currently only in Bali. ou can choose the option to have a qualified electrician come and install the system.
Start a subscription at Then open the WebApp of your eMon Energy device, click on Setup, click on Web Server and select eMon Energy Monitor. Follow Instructions.